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Previous events

World Premiere of "but sometimes I worry"

(EST, UTC-05) (EST, UTC-05)

Emmanuel Episcopal Church, 811 Cathedral St, Baltimore, MD

On November 11th, I will be joined by eight incredible choral singers as well as rising stars, Bergamot Quartet, to present my new work, "but sometimes I worry." This piece takes inspiration from the podcast “Imaginary Advice” and is a reflection on the ways that repetition fundamentally alters the phrase “I love you” and how repeating it can transform it into music.

Tickets are $15

"in these pockets of quiet" release


Nathaniel's new single, "in these pockets of quiet" releases Saturday, November 13th on all your favorite streaming platform and features Colin Crandal on percussion and Claire Hebeisen on violin.

in these pockets of quiet grew out of a long walk through Baltimore with a new friend in November of 2020. As we walked through the city, we paused at two of my favorite places; a small park cut out of the middle of a street in Bolton Hill and a spot along the water, behind the aquarium in Inner Harbor. I was struck by how suddenly the sounds of the city dropped away in both spots, leaving only faint echoes of cars and the eerily beautiful ring of the light rail’s brakes as they scraped through the neighborhood. There’s something strangely romantic about carving silence out of sound and finding moments of peace in the midst chaos.

Throughout this piece you’ll hear the frenetic energy of downtown Baltimore, the squeal of the light rail, the echoes of the aquarium’s ambient music, and the reminiscent sounds of the wind chimes that hung in my alley in Charles Village. This piece is inextricably tied to Baltimore and the many beautiful sights and sounds you can discover when you take a moment to pause and listen.

Mallory Episode 1 Airs


The online premiere the chamber opera, Mallory. The opera will be released in three parts and features an incredibly talented cast:

Loralei - Corrine Byrne

Mallory - Madilyn Crossland

Brennan - Rahzé Cheatham